Our services: Multifunctional EDI processes from CONXPERT

An snapshot of our EDI services:

We are service providers through and through.

This means that we want to get to know you and your company in detail before we start working for you. Because collaboration at eye level can only work if we know what makes your company tick, what technical infrastructure you use, and where the key elements in your work processes are. By doing this we can guarantee you perfectly tailored EDI connections. We also offer numerous individual solutions. Feel free to contact us for a personalised quote.


Our services:

Classic EDI data exchange



Online shop

EDI Guard

Confirmation of receipt
CONXPERT Classic EDI data exchange

Saving paper and time is so easy.

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. Complex interrelationships and thousands of data strands are bundled and directed in the right directions. CONXPERT processes, simplifies, and encrypts all types of data according to customer requirements. Orders, invoices, catalogue data, inventory messages, and many other components in B2B communication are transferred quickly and securely. All without any printing out or manual recording. We make your work easier.


Simple B2B integration without detours.

With CX Web EDI, we can easily integrate your suppliers and other service providers into your IT structures – even if external parties don’t have EDI processes. CONXPERT’s web portal supports reliable data exchange and creates powerful B2B solutions for you and your partners. This creates extra added value: Suppliers can automatically generate order confirmations, delivery bills, and invoices from your order. With this in mind, who wouldn’t want to work with you?

Even with a multitude of paths, nothing falls by the wayside.

Whether information, orders or invoices – the sender of any message automatically assumes that it will arrive as intended. Until it doesn’t. After all, even the strongest information chain has its weaknesses. That’s where the CONXPERT EDI Guard comes in. The smart cloud service ensures that no data is lost. Because it informs you if a message has not reached the recipient after a certain time – guaranteed! We’ll commit to paying for the damage otherwise. What’s more, you get full data security – and very simple implementation via the internet.

Do you exchange a wealth of information on a daily basis? EDI Guard monitors if everything arrives as it should.

EDI Guard


Everything important, synchronised perfectly.

The data architecture within companies is usually very complex. A wide variety of data sets must be merged across the boundaries of applications, platforms and processes. The ideal EDI solution is CONXPERT Article Master (CXAM). As a Managed Service, we ensure synchronisation of all common message formats and protocols via a database. CXAM serves as a filter that integrates only the relevant information into your own system. This gives you a significant plus in comfort and flexibility.

CONXPERT online shop

Premium EDI service for your digital commerce.

Online retailing offers enormous advantages over stationary retailing: You are not bound to any opening hours and can advertise your products in a targeted manner via the internet. Our CX online shop is ready to be used as a B2B marketing tool almost instantly. Even the CONXPERT basic module, based on the latest Microsoft technologies (C# and SQL server), provides all the functionalities of an online shop. We design a tailored, user-friendly EDI integration for you, including secure modules for online transactions.

CONXPERT confirmation of receipt

Transcending borders.

Anyone who sells goods to other European countries requires a confirmation of receipt. This often costs time – and nerves. But it doesn’t have to! Because CONXPERT’s confirmation of receipt service relieves you of this tedious duty – with a full guarantee that everything will reach you completely, correctly, and on time.

In the process, you will receive a virtual envelope with all the documents necessary for VAT exemption. Whether email, fax or PDF – we convert everything into EDI formats and link them to invoices, delivery bills and freight documents. Archiving and indexing can be included on request.